The time has come when You don’t need to go to Paris anymore to see a spectacular show in the most famous Cabarets on Earth. The Russian show ballet “Bize Lizu” from the heart of St. Petersburg, with their shows now brings it to You!

“Bize Lizu” is a group of extremely talented and gifted dancers that share their energy with the audience like no other. They have toured around the world including performing famous “Kankan” in Paris and ever since have been compared to the famous French Cabaret “Moulin Rouge”.

They conquered 4 continents, 14 countries, hundreds of cities and countless human hearts.
Они покорили 4 континента, 14 стран, сотни городов и несчитанное количество человеческих сердец

Careful selection of musical material, creative choreographic productions, unique handmade costumes, professionalism and extensive experience in genre CABARET makes their shows one of the best not only in Russia but also in other countries.

Grandiose ... Spectacular ... Luxurious ... Sexy ... Brilliant ... Sensual ... Passionate ...…
Grandiose ... Spectacular ... Luxurious ... Sexy ... Brilliant ... Sensual ... Passionate ...…


Here are what viewers say about the shows:


Ivan Koklyushkin - the artistic director of the ballet, the author of ideas of all costumes and productions.

Elena Tabulovich – managing producer, tour organisation, participation of ballet in concerts, corporate and private events, organization of performances, partnership with ballet, PR, work with the mass media.

Dancers: Stanislav Varlamov, Oleg Pashati, Denis Pavlyuchenko, Denis Dudnikov, Dmitry Boyko, Ksenia Shaposhnikova, Maria Tikhonova, Maria Semushina, Larisa Shelekhova, Maria Gushchina, Anastasia Konina, Ekaterina Safina, Valeria Bernikova, Elina Lukyanovich.

Address: Theater on 43 Kolomenskaya Street, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Phone, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram: +7 921 9673794